The Clinic

Nick Mancuso , Jennifer Rubin , Carl Marotte
Jane Heitmeyer, Martin Neufeld

Doug Jackson


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Twists of Terror -  Dr.Roberts must  make the best of a bad situation


A collection of three macabre tales, presented by an agoraphobic middle-aged man who lives in a seedy section of LA. As he sorts through his piles of yellowed newspaper clippings, he relates his paranoid nightmares through three stories: "The People You Meet," "The Clinic," and "Stolen Moments."

THE CLINIC is the story of Mr. Rosettii, a traveling salesman who after stopping for gas late one night in a nowhere town is attacked by a vicious dog. He finds sanctuary in a private clinic where he is treated by the young Dr. Roberts and a beautiful nurse. Very strange things seem to be happening in this clinic. Blood on the walls, bone chilling screams, patients dancing in the hall. Are they the hallucinations caused by a rare form of rabies as the good doctor and his luscious nurse claim or something entirely different.? What kind of clinic is this really?

Twists of Terror -  Dr.Roberts  instructs Tanya to quickly find and subdue a distaught  Mr. Rosetti


Dr. Roberts is by and large a real fruitcake. Crafty, brilliant, and an exquisite liar. As every healthy Sociopath should be. He is patient in this psychiatric clinic and about to be transfured to a more secure facility. An institutioj for the criminally insane. He disagrees with this decision. After all he is a highly qualified doctor and accomplished surgeon and will prove it once and for all. If these fools who want to put him away can't see the truth then he will just have to show them. His exploratory autopsy with a Swiss army knife was relatively successful. Though the results would have been better had the patient (the real Dr. Roberts) been a little more cooperative. He really is a talented, caring and compassionate doctor. And seeing as Mr. Rosettii is too impatient to wait for the results of the blood tests the good doctor will just have to go in and explore...

Twists of Terror -  Dr.Roberts  tries to maintain order in his clinic


" I had always been a fan of Nick Mancuso since his Stingray days. A show that I enjoyed immensely and watched regularly. So when I found out that I would be working with Nick I was very excited. Because The Clinic was pretty much going to be a three hander between Nick, Jane and myself. But for some reason I was extremely nervous on the first day of shooting... "

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Twists of Terror -  Dr. Roberts  does not believe in anesthetizing the patient when it comes to exploatory surgery, or any surgery for that matter