[short film]

Michael Roades, Martin Neufeld, Charlie Landry
Teddy Lee Dillon, Linda Smith

David Vainola


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The Other Prison - Derek protects Jeff from the range toughs


Derek Sands is returning to prison; he is also returning home. Within the guarded walls he has friends and a respect he can't find anywhere else. But this time it is different. In his all too brief stay on the streets, Derek has met Marilyn and sees a chance for a future on the outside. To keep this precious relationship alive, Derek must reveal his closely guarded secret, that he is illiterate. In a fragile alliance he befriends Jeff Winston, a "college boy" who is terrified by prison life. Jeff agrees to secretly tutor Derek in return for protection from the range "low lifes". Derek's first faltering steps toward literacy in the tense environment of a federal prison becomes the catalyst for a unique story of one man's struggle for personal empowerment.

The Other Prison - Jeff's past comes back to haunt him


Jeff Winston is an ordinary middle class kid in his final year at college. Driving home one night from a frat party he kills a young girl. His crime is not that he had been drinking but that he left the scene of the accident leaving the dead girl in the middle of the street. He must now pay for this lack of judgement with ten years of hard time. He is bright but morally weak. A coward who blames a politically motivated judge for his sentence not his actions. Having grown up in a safe environment he has no tools to help him survive in this jungle. Derek is his salvation until he can get into segregation. To protect himself from harm he becomes a rat throwing his protector to the wolves. Fear rules him.

The Other Prison - A terrified Jeff betrays Derek to keep from being beaten


" Doing research for my role in The Other Prison was a very interesting and unique experience. I actually received permission to talk to a young inmate who was doing hard time for killing his mother's abusive boyfriend. He was 18 at the time. I hoped to find out what it was like to be thrown into a maximum-security prison at a young age. We spent hours talking. He seemed very fragile when he recounted his past to me..."

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The Other Prison - Jeff tries to make amends before being segregated